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Not too bad, right? Kukook is designed with simplicity in mind. No one wants to shuffle through hundreds of advertisements and filler-content to get what they are looking for. When it comes to professional resumes, we built a simple and modern product cart so you can shop for your favorite resume template. We also have catalogs for professional CV Templates, cover letters and much more upcoming. If you like what we are doing, please help us promote the website by sharing Kukook with your friends on social media? Check out our blog, Google+, or Contact us

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“Thanks Kukook, after sending out hundreds of standard resumes with no results I switched to one of your templates and got two invites out of five letters”

Averill, Journalist
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“I just LOVE your resume templates, makes the job searching almost a fun experience!”

Sharyl, Student
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“Bought the Modern Resume Template and posted it on Facebook to ask my friends help me get a job. Got a ton of likes, shares and compliments on my CV so super stoked with the buzz that this great design created”

Howard, Manager
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“Unbelievably that you are offering this for such a low price. I’m a developer looking for a job at a startup and I’m sure my resume will stand out from the other applicants!”

Anan, Banker