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How to Make your Resume Stand Out?

One of the major obstacles when applying for a job is that Human Resource departments and management are inundated with so many resumes.

The result is a culling process to quickly eliminate the most resumes as possible to focus on a specific set of resumes and applications.

Even a mere glance that catches the slightest glitch results in the resume being tossed in the NO pile.

This is why it is important to learn ways to make your resume stand out. (more…)

Why use Word Templates for Resumes?

Most schools seem to teach their pupils to produce a resume in a very specific format. Generally, this involves a boring font, a couple of headings, and nothing which really sets you apart from the rest. You do, however, have to remember that the job market is highly competitive at the moment. (more…)

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The Best and Worst Fonts for Your Resume

How much effort to you actually put into choosing a font? I am willing to wager not a whole lot. You probably have your ‘go to’ font, set it to that, and start cracking on with writing your resume. However, you should not do this. It is absolutely vital that you choose the right font. The wrong font could mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to securing a job interview. (more…)

Why you should never design your own resume

Alright, so you are about to put together a resume for a position that really seems to interest you. What do you do first? Well, if your answer is ‘load up Microsoft Word and just type’ then you are wrong. Schools, nowadays, seem to really focus on one specific type of resume template, and, to be perfectly honest, it is not all that great. Let me explain why. (more…)

jose zamora name change

This is José Zamora, he changed his name to Joe to get a job. Here’s what happened…

José Zamora is a guy just like you and I. Every single day he booted up his computer. Every single day he went through hundreds upon hundreds of job listings to find something that he was qualified in. José estimates that he applied for close to 100 jobs each and every day. (more…)

Why Kukook

Why Kukook Resume Templates?
How Kukook can transform your standard resume into something creative and unique.

What to do in Awkward Interview Moments

An interview is a very important event for an aspiring professional who hopes to secure a steady career. It is a deciding moment for the job seeker as he/she tries to impress the panel of interviewers to clinch the position. However, despite the tremendous efforts put into the preparations for a successful interview, the session can turn awkward especially if it is a one-on-one interview when both parties are at a loss for words or experience some deadlock in discussion.

So, You Hate Your Job. Should You Consider a Career Change?

There are times when you feel like changing the career that you once loved, and that is okay. Consider all your options and do what will make you fulfilled and productive. Change is constant in today’s work field. You may find yourself in the midst of hating the day in and day out job that you once adored. Many factors can attribute to the change in a career. You must recognize the time to make a career change before it is too late. You always want to be one step ahead of the upper hand. Change careers before the career changes you. (more…)

Importance of Job Market Research in Planning a Successful Career

It is extremely useful to do career research in advance of graduating from college so that you will be able to align yourself early for the job market. By conducting job market research you are able to identify the positions that are available within your field. A wise student should start his or her career research early so that by the time they are about to complete their education, he/she will have identified the best options and have mastered the required skills enabling him/her to pursue the best jobs. Many jobs are available for college graduates. Graduates must get creative and look outside the jobs posted within their college major field. Many graduates find jobs within fields that they did not major in. These graduates are well-rounded and only gain more experience than those without a job at all. (more…)