Why you should never design your own resume

Alright, so you are about to put together a resume for a position that really seems to interest you. What do you do first? Well, if your answer is ‘load up Microsoft Word and just type’ then you are wrong. Schools, nowadays, seem to really focus on one specific type of resume template, and, to be perfectly honest, it is not all that great. Let me explain why.

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An example of a professionally designed resume. Click on the image to see it in our shop.

If you use the template given to you by your school which is, most likely, going to be nothing more than a couple of headings and poorly formatted text underneath, you are not going to be noticed. Remember, there are hundreds, if not thousands of other job applicants. Most of them are going to be using the exact same format that you are. The recruiter is just going to skip over you and have no qualms about doing so. This is why you want to opt for well-made resume templates. These templates have been designed in such a way that ensures that you can stand out from the masses. Most of the time this will be through a splash of color, but the layout of the template is also going to have a major impact on whether you are going to be noticed or not.

More reasons to not design your own resume

In addition to this, one of the top reasons as to why you would want to go down the route of resume templates is the fact that they tell you exactly what you need to write. So many times, I have produced a fantastic looking resume. I feel it is well-laid out. However, I go to send it, and bam, I realize that there is key information missing from the resume. If you miss out key information, the recruiter is either going to laugh at you (you will be surprised at how many people forget to put things such as their name), or, most likely just throw your application into the shredder. It does not matter how decent you are as an applicant, if you are aren’t telling the recruiter everything they need to know, they will just ignore your application. This is not an issue you will need to deal with when you use a template. Here’s some more reasons if you’re not convinced.

Why not take a browse through the plethora of Word resume templates that we have on this site? We are sure that you will find something that interests you.