Why use Word Templates for Resumes?

Most schools seem to teach their pupils to produce a resume in a very specific format. Generally, this involves a boring font, a couple of headings, and nothing which really sets you apart from the rest. You do, however, have to remember that the job market is highly competitive at the moment.

If your resume looks like each and every other one in that pile, you won’t get noticed.

In fact, produce your resume like this and you have taken a shortcut to the paper shredder. Perhaps the best way in which you can stand out is by using (creative) resume templates like the Susan resume:

Susan Parker resume

Resume templates have been specifically designed to stand out in that huge pile of resumes. They are there to get you noticed. Most people find that by using a high-quality template, they get more interview offers. Remember, recruiters are looking for people who stand out from the crowd. This is exactly what you accomplish with a well-chosen design.

One of the brilliant things about these types of templates is the fact that they have already been produced for you. Somebody could create a brilliant resume with next to no design skills at all. After that, it is simply a case of filling in the required sections on the template and you should be good to go. If you already have the content for your resume prepared, if you use a template, you should be able to hammer out something which is reasonably capable of being sent out to recruiters in no more than a few minutes! This is absolutely brilliant if you are looking to apply for a multitude of different positions.

Why Word?

When you perform a quick Google search, you’ll find lots of tools and software that will generate a resume for you based on a template you chose. There are a few disadvantages to these tools:

  • Most of the online tools are not that easy to work with and they require a certain learning curve. With Microsoft Word (or Word for Mac) we don’t have that problem, because who hasn’t used Word before?
  • The cost; most software tools are fairly expensive to use
  • The output is usually PDF. PDF is nice, but you can’t change it afterwards. All cv’s need updates now and then, so having a .doc file at hand is always a good idea

Remember, if you are going to go down this route, do make sure you select a layout which is suitable for the position that you are applying for. Why not take a peek at our templates today?