Should Web Developers Have A Creative Resume?

In today’s world, responsive and modern web designs are crucial. In order to fulfill this need, Web Developers must possess the technical skills necessary to bring these designs to life. You may find yourself asking: why should a Web Developer, someone who spends most of their time head first into lines of code, have a creative resume? The first thing you must assess is what type of Web Developer you are: Front End or Backend.

Resumes for Backend Web Developers

A backend web developer is one of the most sought after career paths for employers. Backend Web Developers retain the necessary programming languages and techniques in order to support an organizations online presence. In most cases, their day is spent creating, implementing, and supporting code with programming languages such as: C#, ASP.NET, Java, etc. Backend Web Developer resumes may not require the unique or “creative feel” considering most of their work is not directly focused on creating aesthetically pleasing designs. Backend Web Developers should instead focus on properly showcasing their programming languages and project experience.

Resumes for Front End Web Developers

Front End Web Developers bring a design to life by utilizing development technologies and design principles. In most cases, Front End Web Developers will be working on client-facing websites or projects, which simply means they will be visible to the public. It is crucial for Front End Web Developers to attain the necessary design principles in order to create and maintain modern websites. Because of this, Front End Web Developer resumes should contain creative aspects in order to show the employer your creativity. Great methods for designing a creative resume for Web Developers include:

  • Use a simple, yet creative font (something different from the standard Times New Roman or Arial)
  • Add color by highlighting the titles (Experience, Education, References, etc)
  • Showcase your software experience or programming languages with an info graph
  • Spruce up your resume with a QR code linking to your online portfolio, blog, or LinkedIn.

Web Developers are the unsung heroes of the modern web and are certainly in high demand. With any high demand career, competition arises. In order to properly stand out from the crowd and showcase creative talents, Front End Web Developer resumes should have a unique and modern feel.

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