How Resume Templates Can Increase Your Chances for a Job Interview

Increase Your Chances for a Job InterviewWriting your resume following a specific template helps you a lot in creating an effective resume and greatly increases your chances of being selected. Resume templates can make a huge difference when searching for jobs; an easy to read and eye-catching resume can not only make the reader more interested, but also highlight your important skills which increases your chance of getting a job interview (and hopefully the job too). It is important to customize your resume so it effectively presents your candidacy for employment. Don’t be afraid of changing the format and fonts, because the template is just a starting point for creating your own resume. Before you start work on your resume, review free resume samples that fit a variety of employment situations. These resume examples and templates provide job seekers with recommended formats that will work for almost every career. Simply choose the one that best fits your personality and career goals.

A resume template offers a great head start for writing a resume. Use a resume template as a starting point for creating your own customized and personalized resume. First time job seekers can find it difficult to write a resume, and in most cases, they need help. It can be hard to get started on writing a resume if you’re a high school student without much – or any – work experience. However, it can be easier when you look at samples of resumes that other high schools students have written. Keep in mind that you may have more information than you think to put on your resume. Even if you don’t have formal work experience, you can include other types of work like babysitting or lawn mowing and volunteer experiences. Review these high school resume examples to get ideas for your own resume, and then use a resume template to create your own. Perhaps, the best way to benefit the most from resume templates or free resume samples is to examine all of your options. You will want to look at as many templates and samples as possible. Examine those that appear professional in nature and those that appear creative. Themed templates, one that focuses on specific jobs or certain situations, may provide you with the best assistance.

Try not to use generic resume templates which are commonly used, or at the very least, modify it to provide a more custom or unique feel. Try to be unique; you want your resume to stand out and impress the reader. Templates are a quick and easy way to create a resume, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: the content. This allows you to ensure that your information is descriptive, and make sure that your end product looks cohesive (with the same font and size throughout) and attractive.

Fortunately, there’s a balance, if you know how to use these templates resourcefully. Don’t color inside the lines. Just because something is formatted a certain way in a template doesn’t mean you have to keep it that way. Use it as a guideline and idea generator, and then play by your own rules. Are you using a template for a chronological resume? Mash it up to create a combination resume that better illustrates your skills. Don’t like the font? Change it. Add a border. Take away the section dividers. Make the template your own. Go off the beaten path. Many people use Microsoft Word templates. So find another less-used template to stand out, such as an Adobe Photoshop resume template from Kukook. Use the format that best highlights your work experience. If you don’t have many roles under your belt, aim for a functional or combination resume rather than a chronological one. Avoid annoying buzzwords that turn off recruiters (hard working, quick learner, etc.). Be as specific as possible when elaborating on your skills and experience. The more concrete examples and numbers you can give, the easier it is for a potential employer to gauge whether or not you are a good fit for a company.

Professional resume writers recommend job seekers to use templates as a tool to set up an initial resume in which they can then share with a certified professional resume writer who can apply his objective expertise. Remember: don’t recreate the wheel. Use it as a starting ground to create something great.

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