Helvetica font example

The Best and Worst Fonts for Your Resume

How much effort to you actually put into choosing a font? I am willing to wager not a whole lot. You probably have your ‘go to’ font, set it to that, and start cracking on with writing your resume. However, you should not do this. It is absolutely vital that you choose the right font. The wrong font could mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to securing a job interview.


The vast majority of people will tell you to stick with Helvetica. It is professional and incredibly simple. It is very easy to read too. Unless you want to do something drastically different with your resume, just stick with Helvetica. You are not going to find a better font.

Proxima Nova

This is not a font included with your operating as standard. You are going to need to purchase it. Many people see Proxima Nova as a viable alternative to Helvetica. It seems to be a little bit ‘smoother’ in looks. This is, most likely, down to a small amount of rounding on the font. It looks brilliant. The only problem is that it is going to cost you a bit of money.

Times New Roman

For many people this is the ‘default’ font for them. Whilst there is nothing inherently wrong with Times New Roman, many people will see it is a bit of a ‘dated’ font. It does read well, but still, it also gives the impression, a subconscious one, that you really did not put a lot of effort into selecting the perfect font for your resume. If you are not putting effort into this, what else are you not putting effort into?


Many people claim that this font is the best choice for those who are looking to apply for a job in fashion. If you use it for any other purpose though, well, you are just not going to be successful with it. It is an incredibly fancy font. Some people even claim that it is very ‘feminine’.


Do not use this on a job application. Never. It is far too fancy and it is dreadfully difficult to read. The only time that you will ever wish to use Zapfino is if it is going to be used on a wedding invitation or, at the very most, as a headline on some flyer that you are producing.


Only use courier if you wish to give off the impression that you are using a typewriter which is, most likely, never going to happen.

Comic Sans

Never, ever, use comic sans for anything. Ever. It is one of the worst fonts, and those who use it just come across as a bit of a joke.