Today’s Major Tips for Job Interviews

Completing your education is the first way to open the door into a job interview. Start by sending applications to the companies that deal in the services in which you have studied. Once you have sent your best prepared resume to several companies, then next step is to get called for a first interview. Getting that first interview can be very exciting. First impressions make a lasting impression on your future employer. The way you present yourself for the interview will set the tone for the following interviews. It is through the interview that you will be able to get a feel for the type of environment within the organization. Remember, the interview is your chance to show what you bring to the table. Here are some of important job interview considerations that will help you prepare for your first interview.

Know the dress code of the company you are going to interview with and follow suit in terms of your interview outfit. Do your research and know the culture of the company to make sure you do not offend anyone by wearing the wrong type of clothing. For instance, some business offices are very formal and all employees (both male and female) wear suits. Other office may be more business casual and wear dress pants/slacks with button down dress shirts/blouses. When in doubt, wear something more formal rather than more casual. Always tuck in shirts and look professional. Hair should be styled neatly, nails clean, and shoes polished. Avoid wearing heavy perfumes/body sprays as to this can be overwhelming to interviewer. (See: Women’s Interview Attire: 12 Helpful Tips)

Time is of the essence when it comes to job interviews. Make sure that you arrive promptly at the interview on time, roughly ten to fifteen minutes early. It is suggested to familiarize yourself with the area/building in which the interview is taken so that you do not get lost on interview day. Also keep in mind traffic patterns when you have an interview scheduled and allow enough time to arrive on time to the interview. Arriving early to the interview is advantageous because you will be more relaxed before you go into the interview room. Take a few deep breaths and calm your shaking hands. This also gives you a few minutes to observe staff in the natural office environment. Get a good night sleep the night before the interview and wake up on time. Make sure that you have your bag is packed for the interview the night before so that you do not have to waste time the morning of the interview searching for a notebook and pen. Make sure you eat something for breakfast (no awkward stomach rumbles during the interview).

You have dressed the part and arrived on time, the only thing that is remaining is the way you will present yourself during the interview. Make sure that you keep your answers short, precise, and to the point. Do not add additional fluff and ramble on during an interview. Most interviewers do not have much more than 30 minutes to spend with a potential employee. You do not want to waste 5 minutes answering one single question. However, do not be too short in your answer that you come off sounding rude. Take a second and think of what you are going to say before you say it. Make sure that you are confident when you are answering questions. As much as you may want to let the interviewers know about your past experience, do not bring up negative examples or previous managers/bosses. Briefly touch on your previous employment by trying to make an improvement on negative situations.

If you keep in mind these helpful hints, your interview is sure to be a success. It is just the simple things that you do which will allow you to build the confidence that you need to convince the interviewer that you are the best fit for this job. Continuously practice and be prepared for your interview. Hopefully these helpful tips assist you in your future interviews.

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