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Importance of Job Market Research in Planning a Successful Career

It is extremely useful to do career research in advance of graduating from college so that you will be able to align yourself early for the job market. By conducting job market research you are able to identify the positions that are available within your field. A wise student should start his or her career research early so that by the time they are about to complete their education, he/she will have identified the best options and have mastered the required skills enabling him/her to pursue the best jobs. Many jobs are available for college graduates. Graduates must get creative and look outside the jobs posted within their college major field. Many graduates find jobs within fields that they did not major in. These graduates are well-rounded and only gain more experience than those without a job at all. (more…)

Today’s Major Tips for Job Interviews

Completing your education is the first way to open the door into a job interview. Start by sending applications to the companies that deal in the services in which you have studied. Once you have sent your best prepared resume to several companies, then next step is to get called for a first interview. Getting that first interview can be very exciting. First impressions make a lasting impression on your future employer. The way you present yourself for the interview will set the tone for the following interviews. It is through the interview that you will be able to get a feel for the type of environment within the organization. Remember, the interview is your chance to show what you bring to the table. Here are some of important job interview considerations that will help you prepare for your first interview.

Why Can’t I Find a Job? The Job Market Has Changed – And So Should You

After submitting countless online job applications, you may find yourself asking “why can’t I find a job?”. The job market has changed drastically over the years. If you have been one of the many people searching for a new career within the last year, you have certainly come across job posting websites such as: Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed, Snagajob, etc. There seems to be a career for everyone on these websites. Software Engineer? No problem – there were 3,000 results for my local area. Now you can begin rummaging through these listings, picking out the ones most suitable for you – best commute, best salary, and of course matching experience. You apply for five positions as a Mid-Level Software Engineer with a requirement of 5 years experience, when you have 10 years of experience. You do not receive a single call back.