So, You Hate Your Job. Should You Consider a Career Change?

There are times when you feel like changing the career that you once loved, and that is okay. Consider all your options and do what will make you fulfilled and productive. Change is constant in today’s work field. You may find yourself in the midst of hating the day in and day out job that you once adored. Many factors can attribute to the change in a career. You must recognize the time to make a career change before it is too late. You always want to be one step ahead of the upper hand. Change careers before the career changes you.

Factors to consider when changing a career

Major changes in your life: The current job you are in may have been chosen when you were young, single, and ambitious to start a “real job”. If you have matured, grown, and desire more fulfilling work in your life, it may be time for a career change. Another major life change could be the introduction of children. When you were single you would have taken a business trip and possibly relocated for up to a year from home. After you have become a parent, your family requires your focus and consideration. You might decide to change your career and find an occupation that will allow you the time to take care of your family and also provide better benefits for the whole family.

You want to earn more money: The main reason we work is to earn our basic needs and meet other needs in our life. If the career you are in is not able to offer you financially the kind of lifestyle you desire, then there is always a possibility to look into a career change. There is no need to remain in a career that is not offering you satisfaction. This is the point that you should consider changing your career and look for occupations that will allow you to earn more money and support your desired lifestyle or family.

You want to start your own business: The majority of people start their careers working as employees for other people. A point is reached where you may have accumulated enough capital and knowledge that you feel sufficient to start your own business. A career change will allow you to be your own boss. In most cases people start businesses in line with what they were employed to do in their previous career(s). This would be a very different type of career change with much additional stress but also the possibility of a very financially competent future.

Stressful jobs: Stress is not healthy at any age in the workplace. To keep yourself healthy and fit physically and mentally, you might opt to change your career to a less stressful job. If you feel yourself getting stressed out going to work, being at work, and leaving work, you should probably consider a career change. Stress can lead to many other health issues.

Job burnouts: Many careers can be physically and mentally exhausting to individuals. Sometimes you may love what you do and love you job, but you are just getting burnt out from the runaround of the everyday job. Sometimes it is better to take a brief career change and come back to your original career as to avoid burnout. No one is productive once you reach the stages of burnout and it is best for everyone to take some much needed time off and possibly change careers to give yourself a break.

When your work turns out to be boring: Everyone has some expectations when joining a certain career. There is a point where your expectations are not being met. Maybe you thought that you will be able to work up the career lander to the top but all you can see is just unexplained stagnation. During this time you can decide to change your career and look for another occupation where talents are identified and awarded and accordingly. There is a difference between being bored and being underutilized. Realize the difference and plan a career change accordingly.

Technological advancement: As technology advances, companies have turned out to laying off staff to use an automated system which can cost the organization much less. If you find yourself hearing talk about being laid off, the best thing you can do for yourself is to start the search for a possible career change. You always want to be one step ahead of the next person in a situation such as this. The best thing to do is look for ways to change your career and go for companies that are in need of human workforce and secure your future with said company. During a time like this, you might decide to either make a complete career change by learning new skills or capitalize on your current skills with another organization.

Should you change careers?

The most important thing to remember when considering a career change is to analyze your current situation and understand your own strengths, desires, and also your weaknesses. Always be one step ahead of everyone else and you will be able to achieve a successful career change. Never give up hope when making a career change. Change is a beautiful thing and often leads individuals to happiness and fulfillment that they never would have believed they could achieve through a career change.

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