4 Common Mistakes Found in Entry Level Resumes

Updated: July 11, 2016

Recent college or high school graduates frequently make mistakes on their resumes that could be potentially prohibit their chances of receiving an interview. Eliminate these common mistakes found in entry level resumes to drastically increase your chances of landing the interview. (more…)

Why Can’t I Find a Job? The Job Market Has Changed – And So Should You

After submitting countless online job applications, you may find yourself asking “why can’t I find a job?”. The job market has changed drastically over the years. If you have been one of the many people searching for a new career within the last year, you have certainly come across job posting websites such as: Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed, Snagajob, etc. There seems to be a career for everyone on these websites. Software Engineer? No problem – there were 3,000 results for my local area. Now you can begin rummaging through these listings, picking out the ones most suitable for you – best commute, best salary, and of course matching experience. You apply for five positions as a Mid-Level Software Engineer with a requirement of 5 years experience, when you have 10 years of experience. You do not receive a single call back.

Should Web Developers Have A Creative Resume?

In today’s world, responsive and modern web designs are crucial. In order to fulfill this need, Web Developers must possess the technical skills necessary to bring these designs to life. You may find yourself asking: why should a Web Developer, someone who spends most of their time head first into lines of code, have a creative resume? The first thing you must assess is what type of Web Developer you are: Front End or Backend.

Women’s Interview Attire – 12 Helpful Tips

Women’s interview attire is much more difficult to assemble than for a Man, which usually entails a suit or khakis and a blazer. Should you wear a skirt and blouse? Fitted pants and a matching blazer? Different career opportunities may obviously require different interview attire for women; however, there are a few helpful tips that will always be appropriate for job interviews.